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Emma A. Gould

English Actress, Voice Over Artist & Content Creator

Emma is a British actress, currently living in Zagreb, Croatia and able to work throughout Europe due to European Residency. She has over 15 years experience on stage, screen and in front of the camera as an internationally published model. She regularly provides voice over work for documentaries, radio drama series, commercials and audio books.

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St. Mary's School (For Children With The Stigmata) By New Girl Pictures 

As "Katrina"

A group of alumnae from a mysterious school work to uncover the truth about their upbringings in this spooky new scripted podcast series.

Available on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever you get your podcasts!

Emma A. Gould Showreel 
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Film Work


An investigative journalist gets entangled in a murder case, where the victim was seemingly tormented and possessed by an ancient evil. 

A Feature Film, by Melion Productions, coming 2022


Written and directed by Alen Poparic 

Starring Emma A. Gould as Rachel Ward


Paranoid is a psychological horror short film directed and written by Mikael Roth.


A young woman is struggling with hallucinations and a mind filled with paranoia. She must now learn to accept her visions before they are take over her life completely.

Anti- Utopia

Anti-Utopa is a psychological horror film directed and created by Mikael Roth.

Our world is a beautiful place when we are looking at the surface. But if we are open our eyes and start to look underneath, we will face a nightmare of our own reality.


Suburbia, where perfection is a way of life. Behind closed doors however, one woman is breaking the shackles of submission and finally getting her revenge on the man she swore to love and cherish.

Starring and written by Emma A. Gould

Produced by IWMF Productions in association with Melion Productions

I Turned Around And There She Was

I tuned Around And There She Was is an independent film directed by Elina Kamby and produced by Coyote Productions, featuring music by Loljud. 


The young artist Laura, played by Emma A. Gould , feels trapped in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, until she meets a person who changes her view of herself.


Distortion is a short psychological film written by Emma A. Gould and directed by Fleur Brouwer


Imagine yourself in your worst nightmare. You feel like you're drowning and no one is coming to save you. But, the anxiety you are living with can be escaped from, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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Film Stills & Awards

"Suburbia" (2022)

Best Acting Duo WINNERS  Emma A. Gould & Patrick Feeney, Indie X Fest July 2022, and Independent Shorts Awards, Feb 2022

Directed and written by Emma A. Gould, produced by IWMF Productions.

Winner of Best First Time Female Director, Best Women Short, and Best Production Design at the Independent Shorts Awards, Winner of the outstanding Achievement Award for Best Women Short at the Indie X Fest, and Honourable Mention for Best Female Director at the Indie X Fest, and Honourable Mention at the Florence Film Awards for Best Thriller

"I Turned Around And There She Was"

Best Actress Nominee: Emma A. Gould, Assurdo Film Awards, July 2020

Directed by Elina Kamby, produced by Coyote Productions Malmö.

Winner of Best First Time Filmmaker at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Best First Short Film at the Sweden Film Awards, and Best Women Short at the Independent Shorts Awards, July 2020. 


Best Actress WINNER: Emma A. Gould, Florence Film Awards 

Directed by Fleur Brouwer, Produced by IWMF Productions, written by Emma A. Gould

Winner of Best Director Super Short Film at the Florence Film Awards, Best Microfilm Silver Award winner and honourable mention for Best Sound Design at the independent Shorts Awards, and honourable mention for Best Short Film at the Global Shorts Awards


Winner of Best Actress: Emma A. Gould, Sweden Film Awards

Honourable Mention for Best Actress : Emma A. Gould, Florence Film Awards

Directed by Mikael Roth, produced in association with Nordiska Filmskolan

Winner of Best Super Short Film at the Sweden Film Awards

Winner of Best Super Short Film at the Florence Film Awards

Winner of Best Director: Mikael Roth at the Sweden Film Awards 

Officially Selected at the Berlin Flash Film Festival, Officially selected at the Cine Fern Festival 2019.  

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UCG Content Creation

Emma is a skilled videographer and actor, and so can put her talents to use when creating User Generated Content for brands. Writing scripts comes easily due to her VoiceOver career. Here are some examples of content she can create, including paid advertisement style, testimonials, product reviews, and unboxings.


For rates and enquiries, please use the form below  

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Working throughout all of Europe, based in Croatia

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